Introducing the Herbalife 3 Day Trial Pack

Formula 1 is the #1 meal replacement shake in the world*. Six meals this nutritious at this price is a steal. 

The 3 Day Trial Pack provides 6 ready to blend Formula 1 Healthy Meal shakes and 6 herbal tea blend supplements to be consumed twice a day over 3 days. Also included is a snack list, detailed instruction, and meal plan. Everything is labeled so you will know exactly what you are consuming.

In just 3 short days you will see how obtaining these goals is possible and simple with a Herbalife Nutrition Plan.

  •  Greater Energy
  •  Lead Healthy Lifestyle
  •  Drop Excess Weight
  •  Stop Skipping Meals
  •  Drop a Pant Size or 2
  •  Get Ripped
  •  Tone up
  •  and more

3 Days to Start The Change You Are Looking For!


Adding Herbalife complete nutritional program in my life gives me the feeling of well-being EVERYDAY. Beyond our weight loss, is the continuing ENERGY that let's us maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Please continue reading below.

Consumers who use Herbalife® Formula 1 twice per day as part of a healthy lifestyle can generally expect to lose around 0.5 to 1 pound per week. Participants in a 12-week, single-blind study used Formula 1 twice per day (once as a meal and once as a snack) with a reduced-calorie diet and a goal of 30 minutes of exercise per day. Participants followed either a high-protein diet or a standard protein diet. Participants in both groups lost about 8.5 pounds.

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; per meal replacement category definitions, 31.2% GBO market share, all retail channels; Packaged Food 15ed; retail value sales at rsp.

When you get started with the 3-Day Trial Pack, we will work closely with you each day to support you. Once you complete the 3 days, you will know how this is a product will work for you.

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